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Make it easy for homeowners to book jobs, approve quotes and pay you online

customer self-service portal

Homeowners 💙 Plannit’s self-service customer portal.

Everything is available right at their fingertips 24/7. There's no playing phone tag, delays or misunderstandings.  


Customers can approve quotes with a single click

Send customers quotes for approval through the customer portal. They can review them and approve or request a change with a single click. Either response sends you an instant alert. 

online quotes

Check balances and pay bills

Your customers can view their outstanding balance and payment history anytime, anywhere. They can see details of any unpaid invoices and easily make a payment in just a few clicks. Integrated credit card processing and bank transfer options are available right in the app.


Give customers an easy way to book more work

Customers can request new jobs from you right in the Plannit self-service portal. When a customer submits a request, you’ll receive an instant alert.