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Why call tracking?


Did you know that you miss 70% of all leads in a day?

Never miss a prospect call again


Every call you receive is carefully recorded in Plannit, even when you're in the field or unavailable. Replay each call at your convenience and easily turn them into contracts.

Why use a sales pipeline?


Call centralization

Centralize all call information in one place


In Plannit: listen to recordings for detailed tracking, consult customer data for personalized interaction, and identify the source of calls for relevant analysis of your business. Simplify your day-to-day operations and boost efficiency with our integrated solution.


Call tracking

Keep a history of calls directly in the conversation with the customer


Once a call has been transformed into a job, call tracking continues to play a crucial role. It allows you to follow the customer's path from initial contact through to conversion, providing a complete overview of the customer journey and any friction points.

Call tracking_Call-history

Rapid response

Answer your future customers' calls faster than your competitors


Optimize inbound call management and respond faster to prospective customer requests than your competitors with our call tracking solution. With our call tracking platform, you can monitor every telephone interaction and guarantee a fast, efficient response to every incoming call.


Concrete vision of gains

Every call transformed into a job will be tracked throughout your job management cycle.


You'll quickly see the benefits of every call.

Why use a sales pipeline?

Calls turned into jobs