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Faster, better team management available right in your pocket

Plannit offers time clocking and timesheets, making payroll a snap. In-app chat and job tracking help everyone stay on the same page.

The professionalism deployed by the system gives our company added credibility. Our customer service now dances with perfection.

Christopher H.
Owner - CAHB

How Plannit Makes Team Management Simple

Timesheets & Payroll

Employees can clock in and out for the day and track billable hours on the road right in the Plannit mobile app. You can then easily create timesheets to save time on payroll.

Plannit also can automatically log billable time on the road when using GPS tracking.


In-app Chat

Faster, better communication with your team helps you work more efficiently and provide better customer service.

Ask questions, add notes to jobs, estimates or invoices, and tag employees so they get a phone notification that you need their attention.


Route Planning & GPS

Integrated map and route planning allow you to assign and track jobs by route as well. Optimize routes in just a couple of clicks.

Real-time GPS tracking helps you find drivers to handle urgent requests or unexpected schedule changes.


Scheduling & Dispatching

View your calendar by timeframe, by employee or by type of service to find availability quickly.

Detailed calendars show you everything you need to know about every employee's schedule.

Color code appointments by employee or type of service.

Schedule recurring visits in a few clicks.


Simplify team collaboration and communication for a more productive workday. 

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