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Book more appointments without lifting a finger

Book more work with online booking forms

Add an online booking form to your webpage or Facebook page, custom-designed by Plannit experts. Everything shows up right in the Plannit app, so you can easily dispatch crews right from your phone.


How it works

Set up Plannit's booking form 

Add Plannit's booking form to your website or Facebook page

In the Settings, you can decide which services customers can book online, who they will be assigned to, the amount of time for each visit, and much more.


Customers book appointments 

Customers complete the form online to request work.

You receive a notification for every new booking

The booking is saved in Plannit, a new job file is created and a new customer record is created if one doesn't already exist in your CRM

Centralized message centre

Online chatbot helps customers when you’re busy

Our experts help you customize bots to answer your customers’ most common and most important questions, so they’re never left waiting for you. You can also configure these bots to ask new leads qualifying questions.


Plannit online booking tools go to work while you’re busy

You don’t have to worry about missing urgent customer questions or work requests with Plannit. Request forms and chatbots give customers what they need to book work when they're ready. 

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