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icon_GPS-tracking_header  Route Planning Software

Save time on dispatching jobs, route optimization, and locating employees in the field with live GPS tracking


With Plannit's Route Planning Software , we've made it simple to plan your daily or recurring routes in minutes, not hours. Drivers have everything they need in the mobile app to execute their day efficiently.


  • Easily plan daily itineraries or a recurring routes. Dispatch visits in a few easy clicks 

  • Optimize routes with a single click to minimize the distance travelled between jobs

  • Locate employees at any time and track progress with GPS tracking

  • Make it easy to fit in emergency service calls

  • Mobile app

Simplify Planning and Dispatching

Our unique planning module lets you view your client list and map on a single screen, so that you have all the information you need to efficiently plan and dispatch jobs by route.


Route Optimization

Find the quickest and most fuel-efficient route for each of your drivers with a single click. View your daily itinerary on a map with real time updates on driver's locations to dispatch new jobs to the closest team member.


Plannit finds the most efficient routes for your drivers. Plan and save recurring itineraries in a few clicks. 

  • Optimize routes with a single click
  • Update routes the second a job is added to or removed from an itinerary
  • Automatically record each visit in the Plannit app
  • GPS tracking allows you to locate teams in real-time

Locate drivers in real time with built-in GPS tracking

  • Let customers know exactly how long until a team member arrives

  • Automatically record each visit in the Plannit app

  • GPS tracking allows you to locate teams in real-time

  • Dispatch emergency calls to the closest team member


Mobile App

Plannit's mobile app gives your drivers everything they need to perform their workday. Itinerary, a link to Google maps, list of clients and time clocking features - all on a single screen.

If a job is cancelled or added throughout the day, the route will automatically re-optimize and your driver will get instant notifications sent to their phone.


Routing and GPS purpose-built for home services

Plannit’s routing and GPS tools are designed to meet the needs of home service businesses. It is lightweight, flexible, but powerful route planning and live vehicle tracking that gets you the information you need to get more jobs done in the day.

Snow removal route planning



Lawn care service route planning

lawn care service route planning


Pool and spa service routing

pool service routing app


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