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Why use our sales pipeline?


Sales, Fulfillment & Payment

The pipeline is designed to meet your needs for sales, job execution and payment management all in one place.


Customize your pipeline stages according to the different steps you follow to close contract sales, or opt for a job status-based layout for a global view of job progress.


Sales Contracts

Turn inquiries into contracts faster than your competitors


Every inquiry, whether by phone or online, is carefully recorded in Plannit. Use our platform to turn qualified leads into concrete projects, and never miss a sales opportunity.
Why use call tracking?


Customized display

Visually represent your job execution cycle according to your needs


Choose the statuses you wish to display, and decide whether you want to group jobs by resource or not. With this flexibility, you can organize your pipeline to precisely match your requirements and the way you work.

sales-Pipeline_Display Options

Easy to use

Drag and drop jobs for rapid status changes


With a simple drag and drop, you can move a job forward in your job execution cycle. What's more, our system offers complete visibility on the progress of each job, as well as on revenues, enabling you to make decisions in real time to maximize your profits.