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Plannit includes chemical tracking tools, which is useful for companies that need to document their chemical or pesticide use. Plannit helps you show chemical use compliance and track customer requests for special treatments.

  • Customizable records for your unique chemical inventory

  • Detailed reports to help you show compliance

  • Easy to add and update chemical use

  • Detailed records for each customer or property


Add chemical treatment notes for each customer

Add custom notes on chemical mixes, special requests, and past repairs. Check records at any time to see what treatments technicians used at past appointments, any issues that arose, or other important information.


Real-time chemical usage reports

You’ll always be ready for a surprise audit when you use Plannit. Pull up chemical records in an instant on your phone or PC. See what treatments your technicians previously used for any client.


Get better control over your customer service

Generate quality control checklists so you know the correct chemical treatments are applied for each customer. Add these checklists to job and customer records in Plannit’s easy-to-use CRM.


No matter which types of chemicals you need to track, Plannit can help

Pool and Spa Service software

Pest Control software

Plannit makes chemical records available right at your fingertips

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