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  • 2 ressources
  • Manage job requests and customers
  • Scheduling
  • Job tracking and work orders
  • Quotes, invoicing and online payments


Manage your team + automate tasks, reminders and follow-ups to get more done in less time.




Free trial
Free trial

Free plan +

  • 5 ressources. Add ressources $10/mo.
  • Team scheduling and dispatch
  • Automated reminders & follow-ups
  • Manage team access and app permissions
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Get advanced tools, customization and integrations to boost efficiency and profits.




Free trial
Free trial

Pro plan +

  • 5 ressources. Add ressources $10/mo.
  • Sync with Quickbooks or other accounting system
  • Routes & GPS
  • Custom fields
  • Contract renewals & batch invoicing


Track where new customers are finding you and where to spend money to grow your business.




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Premium plan +

  • 5 ressources. Add ressources $10/mo.
  • Smart call answering system
  • Call & campaign tracking
  • API & integrations

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Free Pro Premium Grow
Manage job requests like a pro to win more business
Online customer portal
An online portal where your customers can send messages, approve quotes, and pay for invoices.
Centralize messages from your website, Facebook, and emails
Plannit centralizes messages from your web forms, Facebook Messenger, and email making it easy for you to stay on top of follow-ups and respond to new job requests faster.
Customer & lead management (CRM)
Complete customer history including communications, billing, payments and jobs. Tag clients as prospects for follow-up
Customer satisfaction surveys
Upon completing a job, send an email to your customer to request feedback on the service provided.
Online appointment booking
Let customers book an appointment with you from your website. Automatically updates your schedule in Plannit.
Website chatbot
Add a chatbot to your website or your Facebook page to answer FAQs, pre-qualify leads, take messages and book appointments online. Chatbot messages and inquiries are centralized in the Plannit app.
Google reviews integration
Automatically prompts customers to rate your service on Google once a job or visit is complete. Acquiring Google reviews helps you boost your business visibility in Google searches.
Smart call answering system
It takes messages and saves them in Plannit's message center, provides answers to FAQs, and qualifies prospects by asking them questions and recording their answers.
Two-way text messaging
Communicate with your customers via text messages within the Plannit app. Send reply to inquiries, send appointment confirmations, work orders, estimates, and invoices. Includes 500 sms/mo. Additional sms may be purchased as needed.
Call redirection
Centralise all of your phone calls and messages in Plannit to automatically take messages, call back numbers and keep track of follow-ups easily.
Manage jobs and teams with ease
Job tracking
25 Jobs/mo.
Scheduling & dispatching
Color code by technician, or by type of service. Filter and sort on your list of contracts and simply drag and drop visits to plan your days and dispatch work in only a few clicks.
Work orders
Mobile app
Plannit's mobile app is included and allows you to manage communications, jobs and access important information in Plannit while you're in field.
Mobile punch & timesheets
Employees can punch in and out using Plannit's mobile app. Helps produce time sheets to save time on payroll.
In-app team messaging
Schedule recurring visits
Plannit makes it easy to schedule multiple visits associated with a contract of job. Automatically copy job checklists for each visit, and create invoices for each visit if needed, with a single click.
Produce work orders in a cinch with the ability to have customers sign off directly within the app. This feature provides an electronic record of signed work orders that can instantly be sent to your billing department.
File and photo attachments
Job checklists
Route planning & optimization
Efficiently schedule and track jobs by route. Optimize daily routes and recurring visits in a few easy clicks.
Automatic employee time tracking
Make sure your employees are in the right place and on time with our GPS punch. Real time GPS tracking simplifies time tracking for employees on the road and to automate time sheets for payroll.
GPS tracking
Locate employees at any time and track progress with GPS tracking.
Custom work orders
Add custom fields to customize your work orders.
Custom CRM fields
Add custom fields to customize your customer records in Plannit's CRM.
Custom quote and invoice fields
Custom job forms
Save time on managing your business
Schedule invoices for future dates
Multiple billing options and payment schedules
Automatic reminders for unpaid bills
Manage app access and permissions per user
Reporting & data exports
Plannit offers full reporting capability, with sorting and data filters. You can also export lists of contacts, quotes, invoices and jobs.
Chemical product tracking and reports
Accounting interface (QuickBooks, Sage, Acomba)
Automatically sync invoices and payments with your accounting systems to save time.
Contract renewals and batch invoicing
Streamline your contract renewals before your busy season and get paid faster.
Campaign tracking and ROI
API & integrations
Online payment processing (no terminal required)
Make payments fast and convenient for your customers. integrated credit card processing right in the app. No more late payments, bounced checks, or collections calls. Get paid faster, easier, and reliably.
3.2% + $0.30
2.9% + $0.30
2.9% + $0.30
2.9% + $0.30
Plannit Support and Services
Online product support --chat, email, online help center
Assisted onboarding, training and 1 to 1 support N/A

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