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Plannit helps HVAC contractors and home service providers grow their business thanks to its easy-to-use scheduling, quoting, and invoicing tools.

  • Check calendars, assign technicians, and easily dispatch work
  • Use quality control checklists to ensure each job is performed properly
  • See complete customer records in the palm of your hand
  • Flexible payment options and easy online invoicing
With Plannit, renewing seasonal contracts and collecting payments takes minutes instead days.

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Plannit makes it easy to keep your work schedule organized and full.

Job Scheduling & Dispatching

  • You organize your day in minutes thanks to Plannit’s intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling calendar
  • See daily itineraries for each technician
  • Check the status of every appointment at a glance
  • Schedule weekly, seasonal, or other recurring jobs on whatever schedule your customers need

Employee Management & Job Checklists

  • The Plannit mobile app allows you to enter custom notes and create job checklists, so your employees have all the necessary information to get the work done right the first time.
  • Easily track employee time-on-job with mobile time-clocking and built-in GPS tools. You’ll know when employees arrived on the job, how long they were there, and when they left.

Customer Management

Track everything about your customers in easily searchable records. Everything is organized and findable whenever you need it.

  • Complete customer work histories right at your fingertips
  • Manage complex customers with multiple addresses, like commercial properties or industrial parks
  • Search up special requests or notes on previous work orders
  • See your complete communication history

Estimates & Invoicing

  • Send quotes to your customers online for speedy approvals or revision requests with a single click
  • Schedule recurring work or ongoing contracts too
  • Or set flexible payment terms on whatever schedule your customers’ need
  • Plannit offers quote and invoice templates to help you look even more professional
  • Easily eliminate manual data entry by syncing Plannit to your QuickBooks account

Plannit Puts Your Customers First

Plannit is HVAC software built from the ground up for contractors, small businesses, and other professionals who want to offer the best possible customer service. Treat your customers right from initial contact all the way to payment processing.

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